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One of the principles of Scouting is the careful use of all resources. The sites listed here are resource materials to 1) help Scouters and Guiders in all sections to run better Scouting programs for the young people in their sections, and 2) help Scouters and Guiders develop leadership skills and 3) to provide access to scouting and guiding resources of all kinds.
Do not submit council or event patches or badges, this is a program badge category. For the collectors category See: Collectibles
Inspirational songs of Scouting organizations.
Merit, achievement and interest badges as part of program requirements in scouting.
Do not submit council or event patches or badges, this is a program badge category. For the collectors category See: Collectibles
Books available for purchase.
Scout campfires are filled with songs, skits, stories, and cheers, creating an atmosphere of fun and fellowship. Sites relating to campfires, skits, songs, etc., will be found here.
Scouting, Girl Scouting and Guiding clip art resources.
Resource sites for the Wolf Cub or Cub Scout programs.
Scouting terms.
This category is for both scouting charities, and fundraising opportunities and programs.
Site must be scouting specific or have specific programs for scouts or guides.
For general sites go to Fundraising
Girl Scouting or Girl Guiding program support, badge requirements, and program activities.
Submit sites that have information on the delivery of the Girl Guide or Girl Scout program.
A look at the lighter side of scouting, BP would definitely approve.
Resources for the development of leadership skills for both adults and youth.
Magazines, E-Zines and newsletters for scouting interest.
Information and products about the Pinewood Derby
Scout Radio stations and resources for radio and Jamboree on the Air.
General Scouting resources that are related to a particular country or geographic region.
Submit resources with a Canadian focus.
Resources for all aspects of Religious emblem awards and issues dealing with duty to God, Scoutmaster's Minutes and Scouter's 5's
The practical skills and how to's of scouting.
Submit sites about how to make scouting gadgets, ropecraft and knots, map and compass, astronomy and stars, knife work, fire building, shelters, and any other scouting knowhow or skill.
Scouting interaction with society at large.
Travel planning, international travel, scouting themes, itineraries and destinations, and travel services directed to scouting.
Web hosting, home page design and internet services for scouting.
Submit sites that relate to web hosting, home page design and ancillary internet services for scouting.
The device for holding scout neckerchief in place has two names, Woggle and Slide. Whatever you call it this is the place to find out about designs and crafting.
This category is for sites that deal with the craft aspect of woggles and slides. Collecting of woggles and slides should be submitted to Recreation/Scouting/Collectibles