This category contains sites dealing with: (a) Obtaining a passport that identifies you as a citizen of your country; (b) Obtaining an entry visa from another country's consulate to allow you travel to that country. The sites listed in this category are primarily concerned with non-immigrant visas, i.e. tourist, business visitor, student, etc. Information about permanent residence visas, or long-term work visas can be found on sites listed in Society/Law/Legal_Information/Immigration. Sites discussing political and social issues related to immigration are in Society/Issues/Immigration. Note that in most cases the visa information is available at the web site of an appropriate embassy or consulate. Several good directories of these can be accessed by following the Embassies_and_Consulates@ link.
Each person non resident of the Russian Federation must get a visa type according to the purpose of his or her visit.
This category includes both government and private web sites providing information for American citizens planning travel abroad.
Please submit only government and private web sites providing travel information and services for American citizens planning travel abroad.

Note: Private companies specializing in expedited acquisition of U.S. passports and U.S. birth certificates are listed in the sub-category Passport Expeditors.