This category contains software and techniques for constructing interactive graphical representations of domains of knowledge.
Submit in this category only portals and resources on the topic. Use the appropriate sub categories for other material. Information Visualization is not simply about producing simple charts and graphs from various data sets. The representations that fit in this category must be dynamic and interactive, or the tool must provide specific visual data analysis features to qualify for this category.
Companies that provide consultancy services or other by-products in Information Visualization.
Software publishers should be listed under Software, as most likely Dmoz users more are interested by the software than by the company that provides it.
Includes projects, teams and web sites of individual contributions in the domain of information visualization.
Submit Academic research projects web sites, open source collaborative projects which are not operational yet, but not commercial software, nor anything which is of immediate value for someone simply looking for a software to perform visual data analysis tasks.
Reading material covering the topic of Information Visualization.
Use this category to reference:
  • websites of publications related to the domain (e.g. journals and magazines)
  • online news letters and various online material which is not officially published.
  • individual online articles which are landmarks in their domains and do not appear as part of a wide collection ("orphan publications", for instance
Information Visualization is the use of computer-supported interactive visual representations of abstract data to amplify cognition. Whereas scientific visualization usually starts with a natural physical representation, Information Visualization applies visual processing to abstract information. Hence, despite the fact that scientific visualization is an older domain of knowledge, it is logically subordinated to Information Visualization.
This category contains software, techniques and reference information for constructing graphical representations of data sets which correspond to physical models of objects.
Software tools, commercial or non commercial, which someone interested by Information Visualization could want to use.
Submit only software which is either commercial or used by a wide and well established community of users. Software projects and demonstrations should go to the sister category "projects and Research". Submit only software that provides interactive view and data manipulation, or sophisticated custom views, not simple charting and graphing software.