This category is for sites covering Montserrat, an overseas territory of the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, most of Montserrat has been devastated due to the eruption of the Soufriere Hills volcano, and over two-thirds of the population has fled abroad. Montserrat is located about 40 km SW of Antigua in the Leeward Islands and is part of the British West Indies.

This category is for sites with a physical presence in Montserrat, regardless of coverage area. Sites for activities, organizations or businesses with physical locations in more than one island nation should submit to the appropriate topical subcategory of Regional: Caribbean: instead.

Before submitting a site, be sure to read the category and subcategory descriptions to determine which category best fits the site. For example, business and industry sites belong in Business and Economy, churches and organizations in Society and Culture, etc. Submit to the appropriate subcategory, if one is available; if not, submit the site here.

Failure to submit to the most specific appropriate locality and category can delay the consideration of your submission.

Submission tips:

Title: Name of Business, Event or Organization
Description: This describes the site and should note distinguishing features found on the site without marketing hype or jargon.

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