Sites in the English language concerning Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Please only add web sites to this category that are written in English. If your web site is written in any other language please find the appropriate language in World.
Brcko District is a territorial unit with a special status, belonging to neither of the two Entities.
Please add your site to this category only if your site is about banking business. Your web site has to be written in English language in the order to be listed here. Thank you.

Education in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the two Entities that compose the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
This category is for the listing of regional government, law and military information (e.g. Branches of Government, Law, Military, Taxes).

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General interest online guides and directories for Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Only general guides and directories for Bosnia and Herzegovina should be submitted in this category. Please submit the specific guides into the proper sub-category (for example, a travel guide should be submitted to the Travel and Tourism category).
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Maps, photographs, webcams, and other visual depictions of the country.
Please submit sites here covering recreation and/or sports covering most or all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Please submit local organisations to the relevant locality category.
Republika Srpska is one of the two Entities that compose the State of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Only submissions offering information on Bosnia and Herzegovina will be considered for this category. This may include regional guides, organizations, some events and conferences, and online communities.