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Switzerland. CH stands for Confoederatio Helvetica, i.e. Swiss Confederation. Map of Switzerland
English language section. For sites in the national languages of the Swiss Confederation, please refer to the corresponding categories. (see "This category in other languages" on the category pages).
To be listed in this section, the site needs to provide English language information about the topic.
Arts and Entertainment: include sites for regional artistic, cultural, and entertainment activities, events, institutions, organizations, etc. Recommended subcategories: Dance, Libraries, Museums, Movies, Music, Photography, Restaurants_and_Bars@ <-- (category lives under .../Business and Economy/Restaurants_and_Bars), Theater
Business and Economy: includes sites covering the business and economic activities of the region; including listings of companies and industries.
Also see Arts and Entertainment/Clubs and Venues.
This category is structured by cantons, i.e. states of the Swiss Confederation. There are 26 of them.

You can find here mainly tourist and general information about specific localities in Switzerland.
Only websites with English content will be listed in this category. For sites in German, please submit to the appropriate sub category of World/Deutsch/Regional/Europa/Schweiz/Bern
[Education: includes local educational institutions, programs and opportunities; as well as other location specific educational resources.]
To be listed in this section, the site needs to provide English language information about the topic.
Government: include regional government, law and military information (e.g. Branches of Government, Law, Military, Politics, Taxes). Taxonomy development in this category is dependent on the organization of the local government.

Listed in Embassies and Consulates categories are entities such as Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions, Permanent Representatives and de facto equivalents. Information on their formatting, and on the arrangement of related categories, can be found in the FAQ of Society: Government: Embassies and Consulates.

General country guides, and internet directories about Switzerland [in English]. Travel guides are listed in Travel and Tourism
General country guides, and internet directories about Switzerland [in English].

Travel guides are listed in Travel and Tourism

@-Links to locality categories. These are currently located under their Cantons.
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Maps and Views: include links to maps, photograph sites, live web cams, satellite imagery ... any visual representation of the area.
This category is for Swiss English language media only. For the many French or German language newspapers and TV stations, please follow the links below
Recreation and Sports: include all hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities specific to the region; including local recreation organizations.
[Science and Environment - Includes information about the region's natural environment; as well as scientific activities specific to the region.]
"Switzerland lies at the heart of Western Europe and covers an area of 41,284 square kilometres. Of this, 68 percent is productive land (including pastures and forests) and over 6.5 percent consists of built-up areas. Switzerland measures 220 kilometres at its greatest extent from north to south, while the longest west-to-eastaxis is 348 kilometres. Its highest point is the Dufourspitze in the Monte Rosa massif in the Valais (4,634 metres above sea level), while the lowest is the surface of Lago Maggiore in Ticino (193 metres above sealevel)." "7.062 million people live in Switzerland. The average population density is 171 persons per square kilometre; however,the density of population varies greatly from region to region [..] Of the 3.8 million people in regular employment in Switzerland (full- and part-time positions), in 1996 about 5 percent worked in the primary sector (agriculture), 28 percent in the secondarysector (energy and water supplies, manufacturing and construction) and 67 percent in the tertiary sector (services and public administration). Not least because of the high population density and intensive economic activity, the environment in Switzerland is under significant pressure ­ in spite of progress in environmental protection. The focus of environmental policy is increasingly shifting from consideration of emission sources, impacts or environmental media (water, soil, air) as separate fields towards integrated environmental protection." Source: Buwal: Environmental Parameters, Introduction
[Society and Culture: closely mirrors that of the main ODP Society category; includes sites that reflect the make up of the region's community: it's people, it's history, and resources and institutions that serve the people of the region.]
To be listed in this section, the site needs to provide English language information about the topic.
Transportation: include area transportation resources for those traveling to and from, and within the region. Sample Taxonomy: Airlines, Airports, Car Rentals@, Buses, Highways and Roads (Traffic), Limousines and Shuttles@, Mass Transit, Railroads, Taxis@, Traffic@ <-- links to Transportation/Highways.
Travel and Tourism includes area attractions and resources for those traveling in the region, including tourist guides.
Sites pertaining to a particular Canton or city of Switzerland should be submitted to the subcategory of the Canton/locality.
Weather: include all weather-related sites for the particular region or locale. Sample Categories: Allergy and Smog Alerts, Disaster Preparedness, Hurricanes, Ultraviolet Forecasts.