Thornbury is a traditional and picturesque market town in South Gloucestershire, about 10 miles north of Bristol.
Before submitting a site to this category, check if there''s a more appropriate sub-category you could use. Shops and businesses based in Thornbury should go in Business and Economy, personal websites in Society and Culture.
This category is for arts and entertainment organisations based solely in Thornbury. Includes bands, artists, galleries, dance, theatre and photography groups.
Businesses physically located within Thornbury.
This category is for shops and businesses located within, or very near to, Thornbury. Businesses providing a service in Thornbury but based elsewhere are not eligible for inclusion.
Schools and educational organisations in and around Thornbury.
Sports teams and clubs based in Thornbury, South Gloucestershire.
Websites relating to society and/or culture in Thornbury, including churches, clubs, local history, politics and personal websites of Thornbury residents.
This category is for organisations and people within Thornbury itself. Sites based outside of Thornbury should be listed in their own locality.