Solihull is a town within Solihull Metropolitan Borough, in the West Midlands, UK. Note that this category is for the town of Solihull, not the Metropolitan Borough which shares the same name.
Sites relating to the town of Solihull may be listed in this category and sub-categories thereof.

If there is an appropriate topical sub-category beneath this one for your site, then it should be submitted there instead of here.

If your site is related to a different locality in Solihull Metropolitan Borough, then it does not belong here. Please look there for a more appropriate category.

Websites about arts and entertainment in Solihull, including music, theatre, art galleries, exhibitions, and museums.
Please only submit sites of organisations, venues and resources located in Solihull.
Sites covering the business and economic activities of the town of Solihull, including most companies and industries.
Only businesses located in the town of Solihull, should be submitted to this category and sub-categories thereof.

For businesses located in other nearby localities, please see Solihull Metropolitan Borough, and start looking for a more appropriate category there.

If there is an appropriate sub-category of this one for your site, then please submit it there instead.

Education resources for the town of Solihull, including schools, colleges and education authorities.
To be accepted in this category, your website must be relevant to the general field of education in Solihull.
Sites relating to general health issues in Solihull, including hospitals and pharmacies. This category is intended for "medical" type websites. "Non medical" type health and beauty websites are listed in Business and Economy.
This category is intended for the listing of "medical" health related sites. Sites relating to "Health and Beauty" should be submitted to Business and Economy.
Solihull specific News and Media websites.
Please submit News and Media websites that are Solihull specific.
Covers a broad range of recreational and sporting activities in Solihull.
Venues, organisations, facilities and resources for Solihull. If your website does not belong in this category please take the time to find the correct category and submit your website there.
Includes websites for politics (politicians and parties), history, religious organisations, and a wide variety of community and voluntary groups in Solihull.
Please ensure that your website is specific to Solihull before submitting to this category.
Websites concerning travel, tourism, accommodation and attractions in Solihull.
Please try to find the most specific subcategory for your site, which must be located in Solihull town.