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Chippenham is a small market town in the North West of Wiltshire, only 101 miles from London.
This category will take sites that are to do with Chippenham or where the main focus of activity is Chippenham.

Sites which can be attributed to local villages or areas that are not specific to the town should be submitted to the relevant village category if it exists, or to the higher level Wiltshire category.

These submission notes do not supersede the ODP guidelines.

This category includes sites about local artistic, cultural and entertainment activities, events, institutions, businesses and organisations.
This category includes sites covering the business and economic activities of the town, including listings of most companies and industries.
Includes local educational institutions, programmes and opportunities; as well as other location specific educational resources.
This category includes sites about hobbies, sports and participatory recreational activities specific to the town; including local recreation organisations, services, facilities and events. Businesses selling sporting or recreational goods are listed within Business_and_Economy/Shopping.
This category includes sites that reflect the make up of the town's community: its people, its history, and resources and institutions that serve the town's people, such as social service organisations.
A listing of sites within Chippenham and it's environs providing services and facilities to visitors .