The Shetland Islands are the most northerly part of the United Kingdom, with much of the landmass north of 60 degrees latitude. As a result of this, it never gets completely dark in summer (and vice versa, of course!) The islands are a magical place; you can go out for a day's walking and not meet another soul. The weather is renowned for its unpredictability: it is often said, "If you don't like the weather in Shetland, just wait ten minutes, and it will have changed completely!" Despite its remoteness, Shetland is well connected to the Internet and has a surprising number of online sites.
Please attempt to submit sites to the relevant subcategory rather than the top level. If you have something to sell, your site goes in "Business and Economy", unless you are a small craft trader, in which case, submit your site in "Recreation and Sports/Crafts". If your site relates to the culture and history of the islands, or is a society or association, submit it to "Society and Culture". Other areas should be fairly self-explanatory.
Please only submit sites that deal with computing/internet related services within Shetland. Businesses that do not relate to this should be listed within an appropraite category in: Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Scotland/Shetland/Business_and_Economy