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Includes local educational institutions, programs and opportunities; as well as other location specific educational resources.

Please submit sites here if they are specifically about, or have contact details in Damascus .

Tips for Faster Acceptance:
  • Please submit to the appropriate locality. If your site concerns two or more locations, but within a single governorate, submit to that governorate.
  • If your location is not listed, please submit to the Governorate where it is located.
  • If your site is applicable to two or more Governorates, please submit to the appropriate category of Syria.
  • Location should be readily apparent on the site. The service area should also be apparent when applicable.
  • Submitted title should match the name of the organization or entity. The description should be factual. Don''t Use Excessive Capitalization or ALL CAPS.
  • Submit to the most appropriate sub-category when possible. Compare existing listings for best results.

This section of the ODP is for sites related to Syria. Only sites that have an English version will be accepted.

Submitting your site to the wrong category could delay your site''s addition to the directory.