This category is for websites about business and economic activities related to real estate. Topics include appraisers, inspectors, property managers, real estate agents, rental properties, planned communities, real estate developments, and title services.

To improve your chances of a successful submission, please observe the following guidelines:

  • Submit the site only once.
  • Submit only to the locality where the office is physically located.

  • Format Site Title As Follows
    (for an agent site:) Agent Name - Company Name
    (for a company site:) Company Name

  • Summarize the main features and the subject matter of your site in one or two short sentences or phrases.
  • Proof your description for spelling and grammar errors before you click on submit.

Good Example: Myron Froghatcher - Century 25 Lilypad Realty
Offers commercial and residential property sales throughout Toadwood County. Includes property listings, agent profiles and community information.

Bad Example: MYRON FROGHATCHER - Century 25 Lilypad Realty!!!
We Offer GREAT Service To Sellers And Buyers, Homebuyers And Homesellers, Those Who Buy or Sell Homes In Warter, Ponder and Hopfrog. Visit us to see our EXCELLENT homes in Ponder, Hopfrog, and Warter. No one can beat our prices! See the best #1 homes and much much more!!!!

Any of the following will delay the review process:

  • Advertising hype
  • Excessive use of caps
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Lack of verifiable address

Please Note: Multiple submissions and other repeated attempts to circumvent the guidelines may lead to the banning of your site at the discretion of Dmoz Staff.

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