Nicknamed the "Land of 10,000 Lakes"-- an underestimate of the actual number-- Minnesota lies east of the Great Plains in the far upper Midwest. Sculpted by glaciers, Minnesota's landscape is a mix of rich and rolling farmlands, peat bogs, and the rugged Superior Upland that yields some of the richest iron ore in the world. The largest city, Minneapolis, lies across the head of the Mississippi River from the capital city, St. Paul. The so-called Twin Cities are home to a number of industrial manufacturing concerns. Food processing is a major sector throughout the state, packaging corn, meat and dairy goods, sugar beets, and the other rich agricultural products of the state. Once a battleground for the Dakota and the displaced Ojibwa, Minnesota accepted a heavy influx of German and Scandinavian immigrants in the late 19th century whose cultural influence remains in architecture, educational institutions, and local culture. Minnesota is also a famed center for third-party politics. It was a bastion of the early Republican Party and a stronghold of the Grange, which grew into reformist movements such as the Populist Party, the Progressive Party, and the Farmer-Labor Party, the last of which eventually merged with the Democrats. Minnesota's unusual politics have contributed such national figures such as Hubert Humphrey, Eugene McCarthy, Walter Mondale, Paul Wellstone, and Jesse Ventura.
This category is for web sites that relate to business in the entire state. Most commonly, these will be directories, statewide business organizations, and business search engines. Individual businesses are listed under the most specific geographical area in which they are located, or (if statewide) under the type of business.
Sites submitted to this category must pertain to more than one of Minnesota''s development regions, as defined by state law. In addition, in the case of the Twin Cities area, they must cover more than the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area, as defined by the Census.
Sites submitted to this category must be of statewide interest.
To hold links to localities named for reservation specific subcategories located within the boundaries of Minnesota.
People and social organizations of Minnesota. Subjects include religion, women, genealogy, history, resources for people with disabilities, and personal home pages.

If your site is not statewide in focus, please submit to the appropriate region, county, or locality category.

This area is for the listing of transportation resources in the state of Minnesota.

For sites specifically geared towards the entire state of Minnesota. Submitting a site based in a locality, county or metro area to this category may delay listing in the directory. Please search for the appropriate location for your listing. Thank you for your cooperation.

Submit categories concerned with transportation resources for those traveling to and from, and within the state. Subjects include airports, airlines, roads and highways, buses, railroads, ride sharing, and mass transit.

Tips for Faster Acceptance:

  1. Make sure your site's title matches the name of your organization or entity.
  2. In your description, stick to the facts and avoid hype or promotional language. Avoid excessive capitalization.
Weather is the state of the atmosphere at a given time and place, with respect to variables such as temperature, moisture, wind velocity, and barometric pressure.
Individual city weather information should be submitted to the proper locality.