Bioinformatics is broadly defined as the use of computers to analyse biological information. The most common form of bioinformatics is studying the vast amounts of DNA and protein sequence that are now available. However, there are many other possible applications of computers in biology, such as simulating populations, analysing experimental gels and storing information about the phenotypes of mutant organisms.
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For sites predominantly containing links to other sites of interest to researchers in the field of bioinformatics. Inclusion of unique content or reviews of the sites linked to is strongly encouraged.
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This category is for resources on the role of bioinformatics in education. It is not only about teaching bioinformatics per se, but also about the ways that advances in bioinformatics are changing the whole field of biology, and consequently the teaching and learning of all aspects of biology and life sciences, health sciences, agriculture, environmental sciences, and related fields.

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Hardware customised or configured *specifically* for bioinformatics use.
This is for sites about hardware customised or configured *specifically* for bioinformatics use. This does not cover topics such as computing with DNA or neuron/microelectronic interfaces (unless you''re using them to solve problems in bioinformatics!).
With the explosion in the amount of DNA and protein sequence available, many organizations offer web-based access to programs which process this information in some way. This category entails the many different services that are open for use by private or public organizations for the purpose of biological computation or services (i.e. informative bioinformatics databases).
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Listing of companies offering Bioinformatics products or services.
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This category is for websites dealing with bioinformatics-themed books, magazines, journals, and other publications.
Dedicated bioinformatics journals required.
Homepages of academic research groups engaged in research in bioinformatics - using computers to process biological information.
Use this category for academic homepages which aren''t focussed mostly on a certain program or service. Please submit any services you offer separately.
This category is for sites about stand-alone computer programs which process biological information such as genetic sequences.
Please submit sites with or about specific downloadable, executable programs designed for bioinformatics operations to this category. Sites with libraries, objects, modules, APIs or other code of interest primarily to developers should go in Bioinformatics: Software: Software Development.

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