Sites that sell both coffee and tea should be submitted to this category.

Sites that sell *only* coffee should be submitted into the coffee sub-category. Sites that sell *only* tea should be submitted into the tea sub-category.

Please take a few minutes to make sure you are suggesting this site to the most appropriate category:

Does your site primarily sell coffee or coffee beans? If so, please submit it here or in an appropriate subcategory.


Retailers offering tea (Camellia sinensis) in loose-leaf and/or teabag form. Sites may also offer teapots and other preparation accessories, teatime foods, herbal infusions, and/or other related products.
Submitted sites must be online retailers of tea (Camellia sinensis) as the sole or main product offered.

-- Retailers offering both tea and coffee should submit the site to Shopping/Food/Beverages/Coffee_and_Tea.
*Please note that sites will be listed in either Coffee and Tea or Tea, not in both.*

-- Wholesalers, packers, and importers should submit the site to Business/Food_and_Related_Products/Beverages/Tea.

-- Retailers offering herbal tisanes or infusions as the sole or main product should submit the site to Shopping/Health/Alternative/Herbs/Teas_and_Tonics.

-- Retailers offering teapots only or as the main product should submit the URL to:
? Recreation: Collecting: Food and Drink Related: Kitchenware: Teapots

-- Retailers offering tea as one product amongst assorted giftware and/or food gifts should submit the URL to:
? Shopping: Gifts

-- Local retailers and tea rooms not offering online shopping should submit the URL to the appropriate Regional category.

-- Web sites that are not in English language should submit URLs to the appropriate World:[Country] category.