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Includes sites which offer a variety of alternative health products.

Sites that offer a specific type of alternative health product, such as herbal remedies, nutritional supplements, aromatherapy, etc. should submit to the more specific subcategory.

Websites must be in English. If the site is not in English and is submitted to this category, it will not be reviewed.Non-English websites should be submitted to the appropriate area in the World branch.

Category designed for those selling products to be used in the practice of Aromatherapy... essential oils, diffusers, etc., or products made with pure essential oils. If your products are scented with fragrance oils, rather than true essential oils please list them in more appropriate categories of the directory.
If your bodycare products contain fragrancing oils, rather than true essential oils, please list them in a more appropriate category of the Directory. There are several bath and body care subcategories under the Shopping category.

Please see Shopping/Health_and_Beauty/Skin_Care/Bath_and_Body/ or Shopping/Health_and_Beauty/Skin_Care/Soaps/ for products that are scented with fragrance oils.

Proper submissions to this category must offer brain wave stimulators. This is not the appropriate category for meditational music.
Sites offering ear candles or ear cones for sale, online. Ear candling or coning is described as a method of cleaning the ears and the mind, and alleviating a host of physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. The origin of this practice has been given as ancient Tibet, China, India, Egypt, and pre-Columbian America.
Flower Essences and Gem Essences are energy therapies made from flowers and gems. These products are usually preserved in brandy, like homeopathic remedies. Flower Essences are used for emotional healing, personal growth and spiritual growth. Unlike herbal and homeopathic therapies, flower essences can be combined with all traditional and non traditional medical approaches.
Aloe vera products and information should be submitted to this category.
Submit only sites that list homeopathy products.
This category is for companies which offer health related products which include oxygen therapy. Ozone therapy products are also acceptable.
Proper submissions to this category will be sites which offer alternatve health products which relate to oxygen or ozone therapies. Sites which offer multiple products including oxygen or ozone therapy should be placed under Shopping/Health/Alternative. Sites which offer general information regarding oxygen or ozone therapies but do not offer products should be placed in the appropriate Health category.
This category is for sites which sell supplements which are considered alternative. This category is not for vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements. This category is also not for sites which sell a wide variety of supplements in addition to alternative supplements.
This category is only for alternative health supplements. Do not submit vitamins, minerals, or herbs here.