This category is for commercial sites that sell items with a holiday theme. This includes Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and other festive occasions. When submitting a site, please place it in the most appropriate category that encompasses the site's contents.
Please do not submit sites about holiday vacation rentals here! Those belong under the appropriate locality in Regional.
Christmas is celebrated December 25 as both a religious and secular holiday.
This category is exclusively for commercial sites which sell Christmas themed merchandise.

If your site sells gifts, please submit to the most appropriate Shopping category based on your items. Do not submit duplicate sites under alias domain names; they will not be accepted.

more information (editors only)

This category only lists websites that offers Halloween merchandise for sale. The majority of items offered for sale must be Halloween related.
Please only submit your site to this category if it sells Halloween related merchandise. Deeplinks, subsites, and affiliates "will not" be listed.
In this category you will find a great selection of Mardi Gras merchandise from the following vendors. For history, future dates or other information about Mardi Gras, please visit the [Society: Holidays: Mardi Gras] category.
This category is exclusively designated for commercial sites which sell Mardi Gras merchandise. Please note that merchants whose main product focus is King Cakes should submit their site to the [Shopping: Food: Baked Goods: Cake: King Cakes] category.

Do not attempt to submit duplicate sites under alias domain names. They will not be accepted!

For sales of products related to Thanksgiving.