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This category is for sites selling toys and games.

Please submit your site to the appropriate subcategory - but if your site is a general toy and game retailer, you can submit your site to the appropriate alpabetical category (ie ''Beeblebrox Toys'' under ''B'')

Listing for sellers, retailers, vendors and dealers of action figures, vehicles and accessories.
Please note that "action figures" implies action-oriented features (known to collectors as "articulation") - meaning that the figures have moving parts.

This means that if you sell static, non-moving figures made of solid plastic, PVC, vinyl, rubber or any other type of material - this is not the correct category for your site. Please submit your site instead to a more appropriate subcategory of Toys and Games or Antiques and Collectibles.

This includes all of the following:
Toy Soldiers
PVC figures

Action figure sites with a heavy commercial focus, serving primarily as shopping sites are considered "Dealers" and should be submitted only to the Shopping category.

If you are an official licensee, distributor or manufacturer of action figures and you also sell or display your products online, you may also submit to the Companies and Manufacturers category.

In order to be listed here, the site must first and foremost be a shopping site. Guidelines for shopping sites generally require at a minimum: 1. A list of specific products. 2. Prices for those products. 3. A means of ordering the products such as an on-line store, mail, email, phone, toll-free number or fax. This category is for companies whose primary business is selling toys for babies. If your company sells toys for other age groups, or sells products other than toys then it should not be listed here.

This category lists stores offering online sales of Lego toys.

Submission Tips:

  1. When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
  2. When writing your site''s description, please tell what your site offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.

Thank-you for your cooperation.

Dolls for snuggling, dolls for decoration, dolls to dress up.
Please only submit sites that are about dolls. If your site only includes doll clothes, it should be listed under Shopping: Crafts: Dolls: Clothing and Accessories. If your site deals with toys and dolls, it should be listed under Shopping: Toys and Games.
Site that sell games of any type including computer software and puzzles.
This category is about buyers finding sellers and sellers finding buyers. We WANT your website to be found easily. By choosing the most appropriate category, you assist us in both these efforts.

Choose ONLY the ONE category that most accurately describes your site.

If you sell primarily used, antique and collectable games, please submit your site to "Used Games".

Otherwise, if you qualify, please use one of the specialty categories: "Decorational Games", "Kids and Educational Games", "Classic Games", "Wargames".

Otherwise, please submit the site to: "New Games" or "New and Used Games".

Do not submit a site which is under construction. Submissions that contain mostly broken links or incomplete content will not be added.

Please use descriptions of this form:

Blurb about what can be found at the web site. At the end, include at least the country from which you ship your products (for shipping, currency and tariff reasons). [list methods of ordering in square brackets at the end. Use only the following terms: "on-line ordering", "phone", "toll-free number", "fax", "email" and "mail"]

If your business also has a physical store location, you are encouraged to submit it separately to the appropriate locale under "Regional". If you have ONLY a physical location, you must submit your site to "Regional", this category is restricted to companies that hand on-line and mail order.

If your site is an affiliate site, it WILL NOT be listed. The Open Directory Project guidelines require that, in order to be listed, the site provide original content. In the Shopping and Retailer categories, that means that you must sell things yourself.

Sites that sell a variety of recreational and hobby products. The brick and mortar variety are often found at the local mall and most usually carry games (especially wargames, role-playing games, collectible card games and miniatures), models (especially model kits and railroad products) and crafts. Often with some remote control products, stamps and/or coins thrown in.
In order to be listed here, the site must first and foremost be a shopping site. Guidelines for shopping sites generally require at a minimum:

1. A list of specific products.

2. Prices for those products.

3. A means of ordering the products such as an on-line store, mail, email, phone, toll-free number or fax.

The main category is only for sites that sell at least two distinct types of hobby products. If you attempt to submit sites selling only one type of product to the main category, they will not be listed there, they will be transfered to the correct subcategory.

Submit sites that specialize specifically in supplying online, by fax or mail order, novelty type stickers. These can include non-Adult bumper stickers, collectible stickers, or other commercially produced stickers.

Site must have prices listed so that a potential customer can view items and make shopping decisions immediately if they chose to do so.

If site does not meet the criteria or is not shopping enabled, please submit to a Business category. Most likely, the Business/Business_Services/Signage/Vinyl/Decals or possibly Business/Publishing_and_Printing/Printing/Products/Labels,_Stickers,_and_Decals categories would be an alternative.

Outdoor play items for families and children.
Please submit only outdoor play items for children. Playground equipment should be submitted to Business/Industries at the link located in this category.
Stuffed or plush animals are available in many themes, styles, and sizes. They are popular gifts and sold as either toys or collectibles. Some stuffed animals, sold as collectibles, may not be child safe.
Please submit only sites that deal with stuffed animals for sale in this category. These sites must include pictures, prices, and ordering information.

General informational sites on the hobby of collecting plush toys should be submitted to Recreation: Collecting: Toys.

Lists of commercial retailers of Trading Cards and Collectible Card Games (CCGS). There are listings from all over the world. Sites listed here will sell cards from multiple games. Most sites here will sell Magic the Gathering and Pokemon Cards. Most also have the standard links service, message boards and chat rooms, and these features are not mentioned in the descriptions. Note that collectible sets of cards which were sold with a product such as cigarettes or tea are called Trade Cards and may be found at Shopping: Antiques and Collectibles: Advertising Collectibles: Trade Cards.
Please submit here only if you are a commercial retailer, and your site has a proper shopping cart system for orders. Any sites that are multiply submitted or appear to be private collections will not be listed. This is not a suitable category for personal collection sales, sites with no on-line ordering capability et al.
This category is for general toy stores selling a variety of different toy items.
This category is for general toy stores selling a variety of different toy items. If a site site fits into a specific area such as games, educational content or wooden toys--please submit to that category. This category is for sites that cannot be otherwise categorized.
Toys made predominantly from wood. This includes machine-made products and handcrafted products that are bought in quantity from the crafter and then offered to the public for resale.
Please submit sites for businesses selling toys which qualify as "shopping" sites (on-line store or mail/phone sales with on-line product and price list).

Sites of individual woodcrafters and toymakers selling their handcrafted products online should be submitted to Shopping: Crafts: Wood