Please suggest sites for cemeteries, to the appropriate geographical location.
Business and professional organizations of cemeteries and cemetery managers.
Cemeteries are places where the dead are buried. Included in this category are modern-day, organized burial grounds, graveyards, old burial grounds, and churchyards set aside for burials. The photographs may be images of the grounds or of the individual gravestones, statues, and other memorials found in these grounds.
Please submit sites that emphasize the visual aspects of the subject captured in photos. The sites may or may not have significant amounts of accompanying text. Sites where the visual aspects are not central may belong in the more general category, Society: Death: Death Care: Cemeteries, or in one of its other subcategories.
Cemeteries for Pets and other animals.
Pet related only!
Cemeteries sites that list some genealogy information. Name, date of birth, date of death, and maybe some family relationship.
The description for each site should include the geographical location, as well as a summary of the site''s contents.

Sites which are primarily photography galleries should be submitted to Society/Death/Death Care/Cemeteries/Image Galleries.

Sites for funeral directors and funeral homes should be submitted to Society/Death/Death Care/Funeral Services/Europe/United Kingdom.

Urns, memorials, caskets and so on should be listed in the appropriate category under Shopping/Death Care.