Service/assistance dogs are specially trained to assist people with disabilities both visible and invisible. Specialty service dogs are guide, hearing, and seizure alert dogs. Other service dogs are trained for mobility assistance, pulling wheelchairs, picking up and retrieving objects, opening doors, and turning lights on and off, among other things.
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This section offers information and the services of supplying guide dogs and related guide dog facts. Sites offering information and services in the 'training' of guide dogs should be submitted to Recreation/Pets/Dogs/Training/Working_Dogs/Service_Dogs Sites offering the supply or information about service animals other than guide dogs, example horses, monkeys and alert dogs or organisations offering registration etc should be submitted to Society/Disabled/Service Animals Hearing and deaf dogs information and services should be submitted to Society/Disabled/Service Animals/Dogs/Hearing
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Hearing Dogs alert their deaf or hard of hearing owners to sounds they cannot hear.
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