Websites related to tribes of the Panoan linguistic family that reside in the Amazon River Basin. On topic material is very broad and can range from formal anthropological studies to informal photographic essays. Includes websites dedicated to Panoan tribes in Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. Examples of Panoan tribes include the Matis, Mats├ęs, Korubo, Marubo, Shipibo, and Amahuaca people.
Only websites with their primary focus on Panoan tribes should be submitted. Sites that include significant information on more than one Amazonian tribe should be submitted in the Main Amazonian Category (Society: Ethnicity: The Americas: Indigenous: Amazonian). Those specific to individual tribes should be submitted to one of the subcategories (Jivaroan, Panoan, Peba-Yaguan, Quechuan, Ticunan, Tucanoan, Tupi-Guaranian, Urarinan, Witototan, or Yanomam). Subcategories refer to linguistic groups. For more information with respect to the appropriate linguist group to submit to, refer to the Ethnologue Language Family Index at:

If a prospective site for submission does not fit into one of the subcategories, a new subcategory can be suggested. In cases of a new subcategory suggestion, the submitter should include more than one submission suggestion to prevent the new subcategory from only including one item.

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