Urban legends are realistic stories concerning recent events or alleged events with an ironic or supernatural twist; urban beliefs or rumours are reports of such events that lack the storyline of the urban legend. Urban legends and beliefs spread not only through word of mouth, but also through the internet in the form of e-rumours, chain letters, and e-mail and computer virus hoaxes.
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Cow tipping is a rural activity in which people sneak up on a sleeping, standing cow in the dead of night and push it over sideways. It is considered an urban legend since cows do not sleep standing up and are very heavy. Cow tipping is supposedly a form of entertainment primarily undertaken by drunk, bored adolescents. Although in recent years, it's been suggested that cow tipping is an urban myth.
Sites about the truth or falsity of rumors about "snuff films". Note that this category is not for sites promoting alleged snuff films. The term "snuff film" refers to an underground movie in which people are literally murdered on camera for entertainment. The urban legend apparently originated in publicity for the low-budget film Snuff (1970), intended to give the false impression that it contained footage of a real murder. Though many alleged snuff films have been investigated since the 1970s, no genuine example has been found.
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