This category contains sites concerning genealogy and the study of family histories, including specific family surnames and genealogy related to specific geographical areas.
Please review the subcategories and select the most appropriate subcategory for site submission. Do not submit one site to multiple categories. Regional Genealogy sites should be submitted to their correct country and location.

This category is for sites dealing with genealogy and adoption issues.

Genealogy sites which contain material primarily of ethnic origin.
Sites submitted here should be:
  1. Primarily about one or more Ethnic Groups
  2. Not just one specific location (these should be sent here: Society/Genealogy/By_Region/ )
This category contains links to the world regions that contain countries with genealogy sites.
Regional Genealogy sites should be submitted to their correct country and location.
Contains sites for general genealogy related chat, discussion forums, and message boards.
For genealogy mailing lists.
Contains sites which serve as general directories of genealogy resources available online.
Only sites that search the world wide web for genealogy information will be accepted here. Sites with a series of search boxes which search particular sites may try submitting to directories.
Resources that assist one in learning when and where ancestors entered or left a country. A primary source of information was the Passenger Arrival Records that were generated on board ship. Naturalization Records can sometimes also provide this information.
Please submit only sites which consist mainly of links to other web pages related to genealogy and immigration and which will assist others in locating information about their ancestors.
Contains sites which concern the study and art of heraldry and heraldic coats of arms. Commercial services and retail sites are not listed here and should be submitted to Top: Society: Genealogy: Products and Services: Heraldry or to Top: Shopping: Recreation: Genealogy: Heraldry, as appropriate.
Commercial services and retail sites should be submitted to Top: Society: Genealogy: Products and Services: Heraldry or Top: Shopping: Recreation: Genealogy: Heraldry rather than to this category.
Contains sites for magazines, ezines, and other periodicals concerned with genealogy which offer free substantial content online. Sites for commercial periodicals with limited or subscriber-only content available should be submitted to Society/Genealogy/Products_and_Services/Newsletters/
Must have a newsletter or quarterly publication
Contains sites which offer medically related genealogy information.
Contains sites with military related genealogy content, including troop rosters and service records.
Contains sites which either list or access obituaries used for genealogy purposes. This category does not contain individual daily newspaper obituary pages.
This category is intended for sites geared to genealogical research.

Please do not submit online dedications, newspaper obituary pages, memorials, or similar sites to this category; these subjects are handled by the listed Related Categories.

Genealogical organizations around the world.
Contains sites pertaining to the genealogy of one or more religious groups.
Sites submitted here must primarily be concerned with the genealogy of one or more religious groups.
Resources for genealogists who use computers in the pursuit of their research. Sites listed here will feature online searchable databases, research tools, and other sites of interest to computer genealogists.
Please submit sites which are current and contain more than 1-2 articles. If the site contains only articles or columns relating to a specific regional area, then please submit to the appropriate genealogy subcategory under Regional/.

Contains sites concerning the genealogy of royalty and nobility in various countries.

Contains sites which offer genealogy-specific commercial services or products.
Please note that keepsake, memorial, and album/preservation items will only be listed in the most appropriate one of the following categories:







Sites which offer software used to enter family data and create family trees.
Please submit software (Non-web based) only. For Web-based non software service based submissions please add to Society/Genealogy/Services.

Sites in which the primary focus is the history of a surname or a family history connected to a specific surname.

Please Read Prior to Submission

Please ensure that you have selected the correct letter of the alphabet.

If a surname subcategory exists, submit your site to the category for the relevant surname. Variants of a surname may also submit to the specific surname category.

If your site covers several diverse surnames, select the dominant surname.

Sites submitted to this category should pertain to genealogy. Personal pages that are not primarily concerned with the history of a surname or family history will not be accepted here and should be submitted to Society: People: Personal Homepages.

You can assist by observing these simple guidelines:

1. Only submit once. If your site is not in English then please select the appropriate World category. If your site relates to a specific location you may wish to list under Regional.

2. Primary URL only. Do not list a redirect or cloaked URL, only the true URL will be accepted in the ODP.

3. Start title with featured name. Ignore terms such as The, My or Our. Do not add the terms Genealogy, Personal, Homepage or Website; nor type in UPPERCASE.

4. Enter a valid site description. Do not include HTML; do not exceed 30 words; do not add phrases such as ''and more'' or ''plus many others'' or give opinions such as ''the best''. Do not abbreviate, although country codes and other genealogical abbreviations are permitted. Examples are UK for United Kingdom; b. for born; or BDM for births, deaths and marriages.

Please include some indication of the geographic area covered, eg. ...worldwide, ...mainly Kentucky, in the UK and spread to Australia and Canada.

Examples of acceptable submissions:

Brown - One-name study including access to vital statistics, pedigrees, research registration, message board and associated links.
Baker: Australia - Evolution of the family line from convict to Prime Minister (1788-1988). Includes gedcom, colonial settlement, immigration and New South Wales registrations.
Milo Ancestors - Kinship of Sam Milo and Debbie Reynolds featuring the family coat of arms, pedigree charts and photographs. Also includes BDM index and census data for Glendale, California, USA.
Smith - Ancestors and descendants of Henry J Smith (b.1857) and wife Amber Seroma. Surnames include Brice, Childers, Mitchell and Felt. Focus is on the lineages of Yorkshire, UK.
Wheats of Cougar County - Family tree and photographs as compiled by Jenny Wheat. Features the descendants of Sam Turner, Albert Wheat and Penny Swatch, Washington, USA.
Zimmer/Bell/Timor/Wade Family History - Ancestral heritage and general interests of Paul Zimmer and Lucy Wade from Austin, Texas, USA.

Sites should be webrings dealing with genealogy.