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People in their many shapes, sizes, and appearances.
This category is for information on celebrities as a class of people from various walks of life; NOT for specific individuals.
This category is for information about celebrities in general, not websites about individual celebrities.

Please submit sites about individual celebrities to the category for that person (if one exists). View the alphabet bar under Reference/Biography for further assistance in where to submit individual celebrities. If no category exists for the person of interest, please submit your site to the category for that person''s profession, such as Arts/People or Sports/People. If an alphabet bar exists in the category, submit to the appropriate letter category. List by the first letter of the celebrity''s last name.

Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate language in World.

Sites which are primarily oriented toward selling merchandise, memorabilia, autographs, etc. should be sent to the appropriate Shopping categories.

Sites with adult content as defined in the Adult Guidelines are not accepted here. Please submit them to the appropriate subcategory within Adult.

Please read the category descriptions for more information and to assist you in proper placement of sites.
This is a collection of web pages created by college students, professors and alumni. Sites in this category should be about the college experience. If your site is about general life, your dog, your hobbies or other topics not related to your college experience, please submit them elsewhere. You might try Personal Homepages . Sites do not necessarily need to be hosted on the University server, but MUST be about the author's life at college.
Sites submitted here should be personal pages about academic life at Boston College.
Sites dedicated to the cowboy way of life. For homepages of self-proclaimed cowboys, information about cowboy groups and the lifestyle. Magazines Museums Poetry Webrings

Submit only sites that pertain to the Christian aspect of the ‘western world’ of working cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers, rodeo cowboys, or closely associated.

Please submit cowboy churches and cowboy ministries sites in their respective sub-categories.

An expatriate is a person who has either renounced allegiance to his or her native country,
or voluntary exiled him or herself from the native country.
Websites about what it is like to leave a country, or advice on emigration, are listed
in the appropriate Nationality category.
Websites with resources for expatriates in the destination country are listed according to
the continent and country (regardless of origin) under  Society: People: Expatriates: Expatriate Life.
Please suggest websites to the appropriate Nationality sub category or category for the
destination country under  Society: People: Expatriates: Expatriate Life.
If the web site is not specifically geared towards either, please suggest it to another category.
Suggesting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.
Submission Tips:
  1. Please review all sub-categories to ensure your site is listed in the best possible category.
  2. When writing the website's title please ensure it is the same as the organization.
  3. When writing the website's description, please say what it offers in a clear and concise statement without hype or promotional language.
Anthropomorphized animal characters in art and fiction and their fans.
Please only submit sites that have Furry material. If the site includes adult artwork or writing, please submit it to the furry Adult arts section.
This category is for sites about specific age groups such as babies, toddlers, teens, or seniors, and for groups about certain generations, such as the Baby Boomers or Generation X.

Please submit your personal web site to a subcategory of Society/People/Personal_Homepages.

If your site is not specifically geared towards this topic, please submit to the proper category.

Submitting to the wrong category will delay and/or prevent your site from being listed in the directory.

Submission Tips:

  1. When writing your site''s title please ensure it is the same as your organization.
  2. When writing your site''s description, plse tell what your site offers in a clear and concise e or promotional language.
Thank-you for your cooperation.
The term Indigo Child was brought to light when a book written by Jan Tober and Lee Carol entitled “Indigo Children” was published in 1992. These people are said to be highly intuitive, sensitive, "other-worldly", mature, yet also often times misdiagnosed as ADD/ADHD. They typically have little interest in structured learning, yet are highly curious. There are differing schools of thought determining the advent of Indigos, some believe the phenomena began in the early 70's while others think they themselves ushered in the ADD diagnosis to appease the medical community. Irregardless, we can no longer assume Indigo Children are only children, the word "children" is now a term used for classification of the culture.
Sites appropriate for this category will be specific to the diagnosis of, parenting and other resources, personal assistance, or historical data about Indigo Children. Sites dealing with broader parenting resources, or spiritual topics should be listed elsewhere.
About being left-handed, people who are left-handed, and handedness in general. Sites offering products designed for use by the left-handed are listed in Shopping/Niche/Left-Handed_Products/.
Please submit sites offering products designed for use by the left-handed to Shopping/Niche/Left-Handed_Products/.

This is not a category for homepages by people who happen to be left-handed. Such pages will be considered for listing here only if the site is primarily about left-handedness. Other personal home pages should be submitted to an appropriate subcategory of Society/People/Personal_Homepages/.

Society/People/Lost_or_Missing is for sites providing general information and assistance to friends and families of lost or missing persons. It includes databases of missing persons, lost friends and relatives as well as links to cross-reference directories and other potential sources of information and services for tracing missing persons.
Society/People/Lost_or_Missing is for non-commercial sites providing general information and assistance.

Sites relating to specific missing individuals or specific groups (such as class reunions) should be placed under Society: People: Lost or Missing: Personals.

Commercial sites relating to fee-based agencies, search software etc. should be placed under Society: People: Lost or Missing: Locator Services.


Resources for men, about men and most often provided by men. Gatherings of men, social and political issues controversies about men and their rights, men's publications, etc.
Do NOT submit adult sites, commercial sites, or personal home pages here.

If your site contains adult content, submit it to a category of Adult.

If your site is commercial, submit it to a category of Shopping.

Please DO NOT submit personal home pages here. Instead, submit them to Personal Homepages. Exceptions include personal pages limited to the subject of Men''s Rights or Fathers'' Rights. Such sites may be submitted here (Men''s Rights) or here (Fathers'' Rights).

For sites about people who share the same first or full name. Sites about a particular surname should refer to Society/Genealogy/Surnames.
The Otherkin are those people who believe themselves to be spiritually and/or physically other than human. While mythological species (elves, satyrs, fairies, dragons, and so on) are widely accepted as being included under the term "Otherkin", many people in the community prefer to include aliens, vampires, furries, extraterrestrial humans, and other nonhuman races. From:
Only sites dealing with otherkin should be submitted here. NOT myths and NOT lifestylers.

Please check these areas to ensure you are putting your site in the right category:

Vampires, Fantasy_Races_and_Creatures, Furry.

Pages and services for penpals through email, postal mail or other. People wanting to make friends around the world or just around the block. Many of the sites listed are free to use.
This category is not for dating or marriage services. Please suggest those sites to:
Society/Relationships/Dating/Personals or
Would you like to become an editor of Personal Homepages? We're looking for volunteers who are eager to contribute to this rapidly growing category of the Open Directory Project. Please sign up for a letter of the alphabet and contribute!

Guidelines For Submitting Sites Into Society: People: Personal Homepages

We list web sites by the first letter of your last name or the first letter of your handle/screen name. For example, if your name is Jane Doe, you would submit your site to the "D" category because your last name begins with the letter "D". ONLY personal homepages belong here. Please submit your web site to the appropriate sub-category!

The Title
Should be your name, handle or screen name
Do not type in all caps
Do not include a list of keywords

The Description
Should be in English and in sentence form
A Maximum of 30 words
Do not submit your web site's history, it is not relevant
Do not submit a list of keywords
Do not use caps
Do not include HTML tags

Your site will be reviewed by an editor at which time they will determine whether it belongs in the category you submitted it to. Due to the high number of submissions to this category if you submit to the wrong place, an editor may not take the time to relocate it to a more appropriate one.

Note: The Open Directory Project is not like other directories or search engines. Our goal is to provide visitors with high quality web sites, not necessarily a high quantity. If your web site does not meet our basic standards it will not be entered into the directory.

Please try to find the right letter category for your site. Failing to do this and sending your site to the top level, may result in your site taking longer to get listed.
Everything regarding redheads and those who love them (except the triple x stuff).
Pages of individual people or families, not organizations, making a personal appeal for help, usually for money, but possibly for a bone marrow donor or something similar. These can be people who have been hurt by diseases, natural disasters, family crises, or simply poverty. The Open Directory cannot guarantee that any appeals listed in this category are genuine or legitimate. Some may be, some may not be.
Submit once only in the most appropriate category. Multiple submissions may result in your site not being listed or removed.

Please submit a brief description of the site outlining why you are asking for help and the contents of your site in no more than two sentences.

Please understand that you must have a web site to be listed here, and not just an email address.

No commercial submissions of any kind are accepted. Any commercial sites submitted here will be treated as spam.

This category is for sites about and for singles.
After one person in a marriage has died, the surviving spouse is known as a widow (female) or widower (male). This category contains sites about support and resources for widows and/or widowers.
Support and resources for widows and widowers.
Resources for women, about women, and most often provided by women. Women in business, women's groups, clubs and societies, women who want to chat, women's email lists and magazines, women's spirituality and issues and culture are found here. Also resources for wives, mothers, widows and every woman in between.
This category is for sites about women and women''s issues. It does not include porn. Submit news and lifestyle portals, and sites that don''t fit in any subcategory.

Personal homepages of women will not be listed here, and should be submitted to the appropriate letter category in Society/People/Personal_Homepages. Note that some identity groups (listed at the top of this category) have Personal_Pages categories, which may also be appropriate for such pages.

Sites primarily offering products for sale will not be listed here, and should be submitted to the most appropriate category in Shopping, subject to normal submission guidelines.

Sites containing pornography and other adult material will not be listed here. Submit sites to the most appropriate category in Adult.