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The Open Directory Mountain Biking category is dedicated to cataloging all significant mountain biking resources on the Internet.

Please submit Informational Sites Only to this category.

Non-English sites should be submitted to the appropriate region under World

If you are selling a product related to mountain biking, please submit your site under /Shopping/Sports/Cycling/Mountain_Biking/.

If you manufacture a product related to mountain biking, please submit your site under /Business/Consumer_Goods_and_Services/Sporting_Goods/Cycling/.

Cycling organization sites should be submitted under /Sports/Cycling/Organizations/.

Sites offering mountain bike travel opportunities should be submitted under /Recreation/Travel/Specialty_Travel/Adventure_and_Sports/Sporting_Events/.

When possible, please submit sites to the most appropriate subcategory. If a suitable category does not exist feel free to suggest one to the category editor via the editor feedback link.

The Open Directory Mountain Biking Events category is dedicated to cataloging organized mountain biking events.
Please submit only sites dealing organized mountain biking events to this category.
Sites that are only or predominantly pictures and images of mountain biking.
Do not submit your site to this category and "Personal Pages".
An umbrella category for articles, news services, newspapers, books, magazines and e-zines, and journals related to mountain biking.
Please do not submit individual articles or news stories.
Collection of web pages about an individual or group and their interests in mountain biking.
Another category exists for BMX.

For personal accounts of mountain bike tours and travel, please submit to the travelogues category.

If the site you are submitting contains only photographs will no other features, please ONLY submit to the image galleries category.

This category includes links to professional teams engaged in mountain biking, including cross country, slalom, and downhill.
Submit links for professional and elite mountain bike teams.
Information and resources on mountain bike trails, including maps, reviews and photos.
If the site is more of a regional interest, then please submit to the appropriate Sports/Cycling/Regional/ category instead.
Mountain Bike Trials is a variant of Bicycle Trials. Bicycle Trials evolved from Motorcycle Trials. In Bicycle Trials the competitor has to complete a course, laden with obstacles. Mistakes, such as touching the ground and falling off are penalized on a points basis, hence the competitor with the least points is the winner. Mountain Bike Trials follows the same principle but on Mountain Bikes. A new type of MTB Trials (Mountain Bike Trials) has recently evolved, called Speed Trials, in this the winner completes the course in the shortest time, mistakes are punished on a time penalty system.
Cross country events, rider pages and team information.
This is an English site, please note that there are identical areas for various languages.