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This category is for sites about sports which contain two or more distinct and different activities and in which the results of those activities combine together to determine the winner. An example of this would be the triathlon because the combined times of the swim, run, and cycling phases determine the winner. Gymnastics would not fit here even though there is an all-around winner because each of the individual events also have winners.

This category is for sites about sports which contain two or more distinct and different activities and in which the results of those activities combine together to determine the winner.

Do NOT submit sites that discuss or pertain to "multiple sports". Only "multisport" sports are included here. Please use the appropriate sub-category.

Do NOT submit sites that are related to Sports Psychology.

Only submit sites that contain English language content. Otherwise, please, refer the proper Non-english language category.

Multi-sport event consisting of a run, swim, run. Biathle, a multi-sport event consisting of run, swim and run events may also be listed herein.
Include race format. For example, 2 km run, 800 m swim, 2 km run.

Include race location: City, State, Country

Include race date(s): YYYY.MM.DD format

Include "online registration available" if applicable.

This category is for sites about the biathlon. Several events exist which call themselves "biathlon.' For this category, the term is for events which combine cross-country skiing with shooting. There are eight biathlon events in the Olympic program. Men and women compete in a sprint, pursuit, individual and relay competitions.
If the site being submitted is a "biathlon" consisting of a run and bike event, please submit to the Duathlon category.
For sites on the duathlon. Duathlon is defined as a multi-sport event that involves a running event, followed by a cycling event, followed by another running event. The winner is determined by the combined overall time of these three events. Although anyone who participates is a winner. Some events that call themselves a "biathlon" may consist of a run and bike event are also listed here. Traditionally, biathlon is cross country skiing and shooting.
Submit web pages on individual duathletes'' results and events to the parent category.

Please include the format (such as 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run), the location (city, state, country) and the date (YYYY/MM/DD).

This category is reserved for listing of sites for an individual multi-sport event or group of events. This particularly category contains events that don't quite fit into a specific 'multisport' category. They may be unique and unconventional, such as a triathlon with a mountain bike leg.
In TITLE, include name of event.

In DESCRIPTION, please do NOT repeat the name of event. Include location, type and for individual event sites only include the distances of each multi-sport event (a triathlon example would include ## mile run, ## mile bike, ## mile run).

Finally, please include the date (in general or specific).

If the site is used for an annual event (do NOT include the specific day and year, instead use wording such as "this annual July event").

Do NOT include the specific time.

Please mention in description if "Online registration, maps, past results are available."

An international armed forces competition usually consisting of rifle and pistol marksmanship, obstacle run, obstacle swim and cross country run or orienteering events.
Category for military pentathlon and naval pentathlon web sites, events and resources.
This category is for sites about the Modern Pentathalon. Modern Pentathlon is a multi-event Olympic sport. The events of Modern Pentathlon include: Pistol Shooting, Epee Fencing, Swimming, Equestrian Show Jumping and Cross Country Running. Modern Pentathlon was first introduced into the Olympic program in 1912.
Includes multisport organizations, race series, individual races and events, resources, news and media coverage, magazines and e-zines related to off-road, all-terrain multisport events. Activities may include, but not limited to:
  • Off-road triathlons (open water swim, mountain bike, trail run)
  • Off-road biathlons/duathlons (mountain bike, trail run)
  • Nissan XTERRA Point Series events
In the sport of Triathlon, participants compete in a race with 3 different stages, typically swimming, bicycling and running.
This category contains regional subcategories of sites sponsoring triathlon events.

These can be official websites for specific events, series or race organizers, as well as events calendars and results listings.

Please note that the "Olympics" category link does NOT refer to ''Olympic distance'' events, but refers to the actual Olympic competition held every four years.