This feature was implemented in the original directory software, but is not currently available. Editor-written tools such as [cat Test/Tools_for_Editors/Power_Tools;custom:Pickaxe] may be able to fill the same need.

Add a Page of Links to Unreviewed

This feature allows you to specify either a URL or a fragment of HTML code, from which the software will try to extract links. It will present you with a list of the links it has extracted, and allow you to choose which ones you want to be moved to the category's unreviewed queue.

What Can It Be Used For?

If you find a page of links, many of which are not yet indexed in the directory, you can quickly add them to a category's unreviewed queue; as if they'd been suggested to the category by a submitter.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Using It?

Yes. Many editors regard high numbers of unreviewed sites as something to be avoided, and as such work on reducing the number as much as possible. If they are working to reduce the unreviewed and then you suddenly add hundreds more sites to it, they may be annoyed. As working together is important, you should try to avoid such situations. The best way to avoid this problem is to add the sites in your bookmarks' unreviewed first, then, once you have reviewed them, you can move them directly to the appropriate category. If you don't have privileges in the target category, either consult with a local editor, or consider applying for the category. This way the sites that you have reviewed don't end up languishing in an unreviewed queue.

Why Does The Script Keep Timing Out?

If the "Check to see if links are broken or redirects" box is checked, uncheck it. When checked, the script attempts to ascertain the integrity of each link; with lots of links this increases the resources required by the script, thus occasionally causing time-outs.

If that doesn't work, try adding less links at a time.