When you login with your username and password, Curlie identifies you to the system and ensures your personalized profile settings are remembered.

What is My Password?

Unless you have changed it since, your password will be the one you specified when you applied to become an editor.
Note: The editor forums currently use a different password to the directory.

I Can't Remember My Password, What Can I Do?

Use the Forgot Password feature. A message containing a link to verify your account will be sent to the email address we have on file for you. You can then click on that link to set up your new password.

How Can I Change My Password?

Simply go to the change password form (linked from your dashboard), and follow the instructions. Passwords are based on the ASCII character set, and your new password should contain a minimum of eight (8) characters and maximum of 16 characters, at least one (1) letter, and at least one (1) non-letter character (this can be a numeral or any ASCII special character).
Note: All Curlie passwords are case-sensitive.

Where's the Logout Option?

Due to the authentication method used by Curlie, you are automatically logged out when you close all active browser windows at the end of a session. The specific logout link is at the top of each page.