Curlie Watchlist

What is the watchlist?
The watchlist is a device that allows you to specify a URL of which you wish to be reminded of at a given date in the future.
What does the bracketed number alongside the 'Watchlist' link signify?
This is the total number of elements currently in your watchlist. It includes all URLs that you have added and not yet removed.
Can anybody else see the contents of my watchlist?
No. It is viewable only by you.
What can it be used for?

Some possible uses are given below:

  • Under construction URLs so that you can periodically check whether the site is operational.
  • Edit-side profile links for new editors you are mentoring, or your mentor.
  • Forum thread URLs to remind you to post a reply, or monitor the thread's progress.
  • Links to categories for which you are considering applying.
Can I ask to be reminded of any URL?
Yes. You may specify any URL, on any protocol that you wish. For example, you could specify a mailto: URL, that when clicked would launch your e-mail client with the specified address entered.
How can I be reminded of a URL the very next time I return to my dashboard?
When you input the time, use a decimal number such as '0.0000000001' and set the time units to 'Days'. This ensures almost immediate notification.
Can I add an entry to my watchlist directly from the 'Edit URL' screen.
Not at this time, however, this feature will be available in the future.