Become an Editor at Curlie

Editing is a fun and interesting activity for several thousand people all over the world. Being an editor involves working as part of a team to list URLs in the directory, organize sites into a logical category structure, and ensure that listings conform to a set of community editing guidelines. Before you apply, please read over the following tips and advice.

Application Information: Tips and Advice

General Information
  • You don't have to be an editor to get your site listed. To suggest your site, visit our submission guidelines
  • Your chances of becoming an editor are greater if you apply for a small, underdeveloped category to start (generally categories with less than 100 sites).
  • If you are already an editor, then don't apply here, use the New Category Request Form instead. If you have forgotten your password then you can request that it be sent to you. An editor may not have more than one editor name. Multiple editor names is considered grounds for removal.
  • Accounts expire if you do not login within the first month, or, if you do not edit for a consecutive period of four months. If you think your account has timed out then please complete the form below. If you are a former editor whose login was inactivated or removed, don't fill out a new application. Fill out this form instead.
Filling Out the Application Form
  • Your application should be complete.
  • Your application is an indication of the kind of editor you will be. A poorly written application with spelling and grammatical errors, and/or one that only serves to hype and promote websites is unlikely to be approved.
  • You'll be asked to supply 3 sample URLs on your application. The sites you suggest should be specific to the subject matter of the category for which you are applying to edit. 
  • By providing a sample of 3 URLs (websites) in your application, you are showing us
    • your understanding of the kinds of sites listed in the category
    • your ability to pick quality websites, and
    • your ability to provide good and useful descriptions.
  • Reading over Curlie's editing guidelines will give you some insight into how Curlie editors select, evaluate, describe and organize websites.
  • Outside of World/ categories, sites must have English language content, and be described in English. Sites with content in languages other than English belong to the proper World/[Language] category and should be described in the corresponding language.
  • If you are a webmaster or associated with any website, please disclose this on your application.
  • We work hard to make Curlie a fair and impartial resource for Web users. Curlie is not to be used as a way to advertise or unfairly promote websites. Editors who are primarily interested in promoting their own or clients' sites, and/or discriminating against their competitors' by manipulating site listings may have their editor accounts revoked without notice.
Application Review
  • Your application will be reviewed by one or more senior Curlie editors, who will evaluate it on the basis of the answers you provide. Since no two applications are the same, there is no magic formula for an acceptable application. Each application is treated uniquely. We make every effort to accept people who will add value to the directory and the community, however, we don't accept all applications. You may reapply if your application is denied.
Click on the "Proceed" button below to fill out the editor application form.