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(San Diego Wild Animal Park provided the photo.)

I am honored to be a volunteer editor with the Open Directory Project (ODP) If this information appears anywhere other than the ODP, it is because ODP information is used on other sites; it does not indicate any affiliation with other sites. Note also that I am now an "Editall", so that I can edit anywhere in the directory (except the Kids and Teens area), so that the listing of my name on a category has absolutely nothing to do with whether I edit in a category. Do not contact me about your suggestion to one of "my" categories, although you may contact me about general questions about an existing listing, about ambiguities in an existing category description, or about the category structure in general.

2004 Spring Mozzie - New Regional runner-up 2004 Sprint Mozzie - new editor - nominee 2004 Spring Mozzie - enthusiastic - nominee 2004 Spring Mozzie - Improved cat - runner-up1 2004 Spring Mozzie - editing team2

Note 1. Editor in Business/Hospitality/Restaurant_Chains, still active.

Note 2. On vacation from Blankbusters (which has since been retired as an editing team), at the time of the award.

2004 Autumn Mozzie - editing team3 2004 Autumn Mozzie - editing team4 2004 Autumn Mozzie - Ambassador

Note 3. I feel I contributed, both in my Regional categories, and in template discussions.

Note 4. Then and still active in Catbusters.

Best Category Editor Nominee Best Overall Editor Nominee Most Dedicated Editor Nominee Most Reliable Editor Nominee Best Regional Editor Nominee 2005-summer-sp-didnotwin.png

Best Cross-Branch Editor Winner Darn Fine Editor Best Arts Editor Nominee Best Editing Team Nominee5 Special Achievement Award Winner Editor I Most Want to Meet in Person Nominee 2 Editor  1

Note 5:For Regional/North_America/United_States
Numbers in italics are the number of votes (!)

My E-mail accounts are under a number of spam and virus attacks. I think I have the problem resolved, but there are a number of spam traps that messages may be caught in. If you use a relevant subject line ("help!" just won't do), I'll usually see and recover the message from the spam trap. I will not report the status of a specific suggestion in response to a request by E-mail, IM, ICQ, snail-mail, or carrier pigeon. However, I am willing to use the internal search engines to tell you what Google will tell you next week, if your site is actually listed.

I'm presently unemployed, last working for a Fullerton aerospace contractor. (This has absolutely nothing to do with my editing -- just in case someone wants to know if I'm the Arthur Rubin they know.)

Ph.D. in Mathematics from Caltech (1978)

Novell CNE (1995-2000) (I let my license lapse for failure of continuing education requirements, as I'm not using it)

California Income Tax preparer (1990-1997) (ditto)

Computer programmer since 1970.

Usenet user since 1985.

If any tax links from official State or Federal (IRS) sites are missing, I may be able to locate them for you. If any deeplinks to Epinions.com (that you want to keep in the directory) are missing, I should be able to find those, as well.

Note: I am a "member" of Epinions.com and earn money when my reviews are "hit" -- the amount of money may depend on hits of other reviews. I'll be careful in deciding whether to list sites in which I have a direct or indirect interest.