This category holds links to software, web, and ftp sites pertaining to the Lisp programming language in any form: Common Lisp, CLOS, ISLISP, Logo, Scheme, ZetaLisp, etc. The Lisps are among the oldest programming languages. Of computer languages still in wide use today, only FORTRAN is older. Lisp is mainly a functional language, usually interpreted, though many versions compile. LISP is an acronym for LISt Processing, invented by John McCarthy in the late 1950's as a formalism for reasoning on the use of recursion equations as a model for computation. Lisp has evolved with the field of Computer Science, always putting the best ideas from the field into practical use. In 1994, Common Lisp became the first ANSI standard to incorporate object-oriented programming. There is a Lisp variant for every taste, and they generally support several programming models: procedural + functional + object-oriented. "Lisp is a programmable programming language." -John Foderaro
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CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Collection of files, programs, publications, of interest to Artificial Intelligence researchers, educators, students, practitioners.
CL development resources, good start point for new programmers. Free: CVS, mail lists, web and FTP space.
Franz Inc.
Producers of Allegro CL and related products
Gordon S. Novak Jr.
Free software, information, links.
Hello, World Program
Lisp version of this canonical first program.
History of Lisp
Source code, design documents, references, other material on original Lisp I/1.5 system, and many follow-ons. Project of Computer History Museum's Software Collection Committee.
Jeff's Lisp Page
Related links about Lisp, papers, book reviews, programs, Net articles, from a variety of sources.
Kent Pitman's Public Page
Publications, postings (mostly Lisp related); political thoughts, links.
Paul Graham Lisp essays (including Beating the Averages), history, FAQ, code, many links.
Lisp Programming Language
Growing article, with links to many related topics. [Wikipedia]
Online Publications by Erann Gat
Lisp papers: Lisp as an Alternative to Java; Complete Idiot's Guides to: Special Variables and Lexical Closures, CL Packages; Locales: First-Class Lexical Environments for CL; robotics papers.
P.S., Parenthetically Speaking
Set of articles on several aspects of Lisp and related issues.
PC AI: Lisp Programming Language
Page with brief description, very useful links with annotations for vendors, search engines, more: references (linked and non-linked) for articles, books.
Readable S-expressions and Sweet-expressions: Getting the Infix Fix and Fewer Parentheses in Lisp-like Languages
Proposal to replace pure S-expressions with more flexible mixed alternative. David A. Wheeler's Weblog.

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