This category lists web pages that offer information on sacred geometry observations. Sacred geometry is the observation of geometric forms in relation to sacred terms where sacred terms might be resolved as sacred measures. Sacred geometry can be observed through sacred architecture, fine art, music, and literary works such as Saint Teresa of Avila's "Interior Castle". It is about the playing of harmony among things created.
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Divine Template Creations
Information about sacred geometry and numerology, gallery of sacred-geometry-based art, and list of upcoming workshops.
Science in ancient artwork is expressed in geometrical and mathematical terms, encoding images and messages. Includes various mathematical proofs.
Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Section
Explores Fibonacci numbers and the golden section in nature, art, geometry, architecture, music, geometry and for calculating pi.
The Geometry Code
Bruce Rawles' site offering information about his books and other products, image galleries, a tutorial, an events calendar, and a weblog.
Geometry of Sri Yantra
Artistic and Historical Background. Historical Methods of Duplication. Modern Experiments in Construction.
Human Form From Sacred Geometry
Discovery of the image of the human form in the patterns of reflective spheres clustered in a structure based on the geometry of the Great Pyramid.
Native American Geometry
A physical, proportional geometry that originates from the simple circle.
Sacred Geometry
Provides a visual resource library, animated meditation tools and screensavers, DVDs, 3-Dimensional forms, pendants, and T-shirts.
Sacred Geometry Art
A directory of artists who employ principles of sacred geometry in their work.
Sacred Geometry for Fun and Personal Growth
A summary of sacred geometry, covering Pythagoras, the Golden Ratio, cymatics and creation through sound, plus a practical geometry workshop, geometric graphics, and a meditation for higher consciousness.
Secret and Sacred Geometry
The explicit number metaphors in the Old Testament and New Testaments of the Bible, reflect exact astronomical, mathematical, and geometrical realities of the Great Pyramid design.
Seed of Life Institute
What do Sacred Geometry, ancient traditions and the mysteries of the human spirit all have in common? The Flower of life and Drunvalo Melchizedek. Truths of the universe revealed.
Spiritual symbols and Sacred Geometry
Sacred geometry is the foundation of these powerful objects and designs.
Sri Yantra Research Center
Find out how to draw the Sri Yantra and what is the optimal configuration of this sacred geometry.
The Mandala - Sacred Geometry and Art
An article on the sacred symbol of Buddhism. Construction of Mandalas by monks from Buddhist monasteries is described. (September 01, 2000)
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