This category lists web pages that offer information on sacred geometry observations. Sacred geometry is the observation of geometric forms in relation to sacred terms where sacred terms might be resolved as sacred measures. Sacred geometry can be observed through sacred architecture, fine art, music, and literary works such as Saint Teresa of Avila's "Interior Castle". It is about the playing of harmony among things created.
Please submit only pages whose theme is sacred geometry. This is not a commercial category, products should be submitted to Shopping categories.
This category lists galleries, artists, and architects offering designs based on sacred geometry.

This category is for web sites that feature designs based on sacred geometry. This typically would include (but is not limited to) mandalas and mandala style art. It may include traditional artwork, computer created, animation, architecture, or any other representation. Works may be from a single artist, or several, and the gallery may be a virtual (internet only) one.

A site that sells items is permitted, providing that the selling is not the prominent part - if the site provides visual or educational value to the viewer, then it is welcome. Sites that are predominantly commercial should be placed in a Shopping category.

Sites that are mainly explanations of Sacred Geometry, with the gallery as a feature within the site should be considered for Society: Religion_and_Spirituality: Arts: Visual: Sacred_Geometry_and_Art

Mandalas that are specifically Tibetan or Buddhist are better placed in Society: Religion and Spirituality: Buddhism: Lineages: Tibetan, or Society: Religion and Spirituality: Buddhism: Lineages: Tibetan: Art and related categories. If they are only "Tibetan style", e.g. created by someone not using the underlying Buddhist-Tibetan philosphy, then they should be placed here.

Check also the other categories listed below.

A mandala is a spiritual and/ or ritual geometric configuration of symbols. Created as rt or to be used in some religions.