Welcome to the Arabic section of the: /Science/Social_Sciences/Languages_and_Linguistics/Natural_Languages section of the Open Directory Project. Here, you'll find sites about Arabic as a language: history, linguistics, literature and how to learn Arabic. If you know or maintain a closely related site, please feel free to submit it for review. Other Arabic sites may fit better under World/Arabic/category - please check there as well.
This page is for helpful links to websites which relate to the Arabic language - whether Classical, Modern or dialects. Please submit only websites closely related to the Arabic language itself, and not any website in Arabic.
There are many Arabic language schools for foreigners that use the web to advertise their courses. Some even offer online courses. Most Arabic schools are located in an Arab country.
Please submit websites that are related to language schools.
The internet is a great tutor.Many people use the web to learn a new a language and it is very effective.Many sites have pronunciation sound files by native speakers some use interactive multimedia.
Please submit sites that offers Arabic language courses online. If the site you submit has other languages than Arabic ,submit the URL to the Arabic section as it is the URL that will appear in this category.Your website must be written in ENGLISH.That''s to say for English speakers.