Primary focus on the central figure of the Christian religion, Jesus Christ: the person, his life, times, and works. Subcategories include "The Passion," "Art and Film," and "The Shroud of Turin." Links are provided to "Christology and the Trinity" and to a category on the Resurrection. The category called Jesus, in the Spiritual Personalities section, presents non-Christian perspectives. Finally, there is an link called "Opposing Views." This latter category contains sites that are critical of Jesus, his life, his claims, and the way that he has been understood by Christians.
The purpose of the this category "Answers for Non-Christians" is for sites which address the life of Jesus on earth in a scholarly manner and which correct false views of Jesus held by various non-Christian groups. For instance, sites appropriate for this category would be those which correct certain non-historical beliefs such as 1) the Moslem claim that Jesus did not die on the Cross, 2) the new age claim that Jesus travelled to India, and 3) the radical humanist claims of the so-called Jesus Seminar which falsely assert that Jesus did not perform miracles or rise from the dead, and which also falsely assert that the Gospel record of the life of Jesus is largely ahistorical.
Please submit sites which correct false views of Jesus held by various non-Christian groups. More general sites dealing with Apologetics should be submitted to: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Apologetics Sites which are primarily Evangelistic in nature should be submitted to: Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Christianity/Evangelism/Christianity_for_Seekers
The word passion is from the Latin passio meaning suffering. This refers to the suffering of Christ for the sins of the world. It is especially applied to the last few days of Christ's ministry beginning with the Last Supper and culminating in Christ's death on the cross.