Types of Editors

In addition to editors who have standard permissions to edit only in the categories for which they have privileges (called category editors), the Curlie Kids and Teens currently has the following types of editors who perform a wider variety of editing and community management functions.

KEditall Editors

A KEditall can edit in every Kids and Teens category without being listed, including the editor Test area (Link only accessible internally to Curlie editors). KEditalls cannot edit in other editors' bookmarks. They can also delete an empty category even if there are editors still listed in it. KEditalls can set sort priority on categories. When they create a new subcategory, KEditalls can also specify a single editor to be automatically assigned as the editor of that category.

KCatmv Editors

KCatmv editors can rename and move categories all at once. They can keep all of the existing editors, editing history, newsgroups, @links and related categories intact. Categories moved by a KCatmv leave a redirect behind so users attempting to go to the old category will be redirected to the new one. In addition, KCatmv editors have the same powers as KEditalls.

KCategory Moderators (KCatMods)

A category moderator is a special blend of KMeta and KEditall. KCatMods are able to perform all of the functions of KEditalls within a specific category tree, and are also given select meta privileges. In Curlie Kids and Teens, KCatMod is given to language editors where no meta is available to moderate that part of the directory. KCatMod is not granted to English language top-level category editors. For example, an editor could be a KCatMod for Kids_and_Teens/International/Japanese but not for Kids_and_Teens/School_Time.

KMeta Editors

KMeta editors can accept or reject editor applications. They can remove category editing privileges, and inactivate an editor's login. KMetas also have the same privileges as KEditall and KCatmv editors.


Admins (administrators) form the upper-level management of both the Classic Curlie and Kids and Teens. They give final approval to any directory-wide policies, as well as consider the promotion of editors to any of the above positions. Because this is a permission that spans both Curlie projects, not all admins will have background in Kids and Teens. There will always be, however, at least one admin with an extensive understanding of Curlie Kids and Teens. Admins can perform the functions of KMeta, KEditall, and KCatmv editors.