New Editor Applications

Proper screening of new editor applicants is critical in keeping a clean and consistent directory. Curlie seeks honest and ethical editors who will embrace the project's overall spirit, and edit as a contribution to the greater Web searching community.

There are no strict guidelines, checklists or magic formulas used to evaluate new applications. Each applicant should be evaluated on his/her individual merit and unique qualities and circumstances. However, here some key points to remember, as well as advice routinely given to people who ask about the editor application process. Keep in mind, these are not hard and fast guidelines or checklists.

Key, Big Picture Points to Remember

Good applications tend to include:

Poor applications tend to have one or more of the following qualities:

New Category Permissions

New permissions are handled a little differently than new applications, although the same basic guidelines apply. Be judicious about who you approve for new permissions. Remember, you want to accept good, trustworthy editors to new categories. Avoid accepting poor or improving editors to new categories as way to motivate them to do better.

New permission requests should be evaluated in accordance with the advice given in Applying for New Categories: Advice and Guidance.