Metas have the ability to reinstate editors who have resigned, timed out, or otherwise lost their ability to log in. This section includes procedures for handling different types of editors requesting reinstatement.

Editors with Higher Permissions (Editalls, Metas, Catmods, Cateditalls)

Editors in Good Standing and Accidental Removals

Editors in Good Standing Who had Poor Editing Abilities (Minor)

Editors with Poor Editing Abilities (Major) and/or Abusive Editing Who Timed Out or Resigned

Editors Who Were Previously Removed for Poor or Abusive Editing

Editors Who Were Previously Denied Reinstatement by Admin (previously Staff) or Meta Consensus

Editors Who Were Previously Denied Reinstatement Under the Previous Method

At any time metas should feel free to discuss any reinstatement in the Joint Meta forum. After reinstating any editor the reviewing meta should visit the editor's profile to ensure the categories held prior to reinstatement are still valid.