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The text adventure genre started by Crowther and Woods' Colossal Cave adventure in 1972. "Text Adventures" is often used interchangeably with "Interactive Fiction". Playing text adventures involves typing plain English and reading textual responses, although it is not uncommon to find graphics inserted with the text, or commands given by the mouse. The genre has blossomed to include a huge variety of games: difficult puzzles or no puzzles; inspired, evocative, funny, or terse writing; and also a few arcade games. More games are available every week, and there is an Interaction Fiction Competition every year. This category includes illustrated text adventures with a command line interface.
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8-bit Adventure World, The
A database of adventures for 8-bit computers.
Annotated Bibliography of Interactive Fiction Scholarship
Ranked and annotated items, covering academic articles, fan or community web sites, influential amateur articles, and references to text adventures in mainstream literature. Focuses on the cultural and literary significance of text adventures.
Get Lamp
A documentary about adventures in text. Includes news, interviews, trailers, and a page that allows to order the DVD set.
Guess the Verb
Humorous text adventure by Crummycom.
IF Literacy
Recommended playing list for interactive fiction, compiled by Emily Short.
ifMUD: A MUD Forever Voyaging
A MUD for text adventure enthusiasts.
Interactive Fiction - Joe DeRouen's Home Page
Collection of game reviews he wrote for Computer Currents magazine, and selected links to IF resources.
Interactive Fiction Ratings
Public ratings and comments of Interactive Fiction games.
PDD's Adventure Page
The page for classic text adventure aficionados. Covers Scott Adams, Brian Howarth, Infocom, Level 9, and Magnetic Scrolls.
Prof. Dennis G. Jerz: Interactive Fiction
A collection of articles about interactive fiction.
Text Adventure Games
Listing text adventure games.
Collection of text adventures that can be played online in a web browser.
Ye Olde Infocomme Shoppe
Lots of classic 1980s computer software for sale/trade, specializing in Infocom text adventures. Monthly collector's column, waiting list, links to other software collectors' pages.

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